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Chiropractor in Saint Charles, IL

Chiropractor in Saint Charles, IL

Welcome to Body Wellness Chiropractic in St. Charles, IL, where your journey to optimal health begins. Dr. Robert Van Tholen and our dedicated team are not just practitioners; we are your partners in achieving a better way of life through the true principles of chiropractic wellness care. Our commitment extends beyond merely treating symptoms – we take a holistic approach, considering the entire body to ensure comprehensive care that is both attentive and thorough.

As a close-knit, family-oriented practice, we prioritize your well-being, fostering a warm and inviting environment that sets us apart from the clinical atmosphere of other chiropractic clinics. At Body Wellness Chiropractic, you’re more than just a patient; you’re a valued member of our community.

Dr. Van Tholen brings over two decades of experience, having started practicing in 2000. His unique background in psychology makes him not only approachable but also exceptionally skilled at diagnosing without the need for extensive and costly procedures like MRIs. Our practice is known for taking the time to understand your needs – we are not a volume-based clinic, and your health is our top priority.

Our Mission

Bridging the gap between pain and wellness, our chiropractic approach aims to enrich lives through natural and effective care. We believe in empowering our patients by helping them achieve optimal health without invasive procedures.

Our commitment extends beyond providing relief from back pain, headaches, or sciatica; it includes nurturing a healthier lifestyle through personalized chiropractic adjustments and comprehensive support.

With Dr. Robert Van Tholen sharing his chiropractic expertise since 2006, we use evidence-based methods that are tailored to each individual’s needs. Whether you’re dealing with work injuries or musculoskeletal discomfort, our mission is to offer hope and notable results that can truly transform your wellbeing.

Our Chiropractic Mission

Move Forward with Our Comprehensive Chiropractic Services

Laying The Foundation of Chiropractic Care

Laying the Foundation for Total Health

Dr. Van Tholen employs a “whole-person approach” in patient care, following the three general phases of chiropractic care.

We integrate advanced hands-on techniques, cutting-edge physiotherapy methods, and the latest high-quality natural vitamin and mineral supplements available. With this comprehensive approach, Dr. Van Tholen facilitates and supports your path to optimal health, whether you’re seeking to expedite recovery or sustain your well-being.

Initial Intensive Care

Starting with intensive care, our primary goal is for patients to experience improvement, prompting more frequent initial visits. Depending on factors such as age and lifestyle, we combine chiropractic adjustments with other procedures for symptom relief, often requiring repeated visits over weeks or months for effective treatment and symptom reduction.

Rehabilitative/Corrective Care

During this phase, despite reduced pain, complete healing is still needed, as underlying muscle and soft tissue damage may persist. Visit frequency is typically decreased, and you may be advised to incorporate exercises, dietary adjustments, or self-care practices.

Wellness Care

Following your recovery, routine chiropractic examinations and wellness practices can help maintain your improvement. It’s crucial to schedule periodic adjustments to prevent potential future issues.

Why Choose Body Wellness Chiropractic?

Meet Dr. Robert Van Tholen

Welcome to Body Wellness Chiropractic, where your journey to better health is guided by our esteemed practitioner, Dr. Robert Van Tholen. With a passion for chiropractic wellness care and over two decades of experience, Dr. Van Tholen is committed to transforming lives and fostering a better way of life for each patient.

A seasoned chiropractor since 2000, Dr. Van Tholen combines his expertise with a unique background in psychology, making him not only highly skilled but also exceptionally approachable. His holistic approach goes beyond treating symptoms, focusing on the true principles of chiropractic care to address the root causes of health concerns.

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Whole Person Approach

Dr. Robert Van Tholen believes in a holistic approach to healthcare. By considering the whole person, he combines leading hands-on techniques, state-of-the-art physiotherapy procedures, and the latest natural supplements to accelerate and maintain your journey to good health. His commitment goes beyond treating symptoms, focusing on the overall well-being of each patient.

Specialization in Chronic Pain

Dr. Van Tholen has achieved significant success in dealing with chronic pain, offering relief to patients who have struggled to find solutions elsewhere. His diagnostic skills allow for targeted and effective treatment without the need for unnecessary procedures.

Occupational Medicine Focus

Emphasizing Occupational Medicine and Health, Dr. Van Tholen is dedicated to providing services beyond traditional chiropractic care. This includes DOT physical exams and drug testing, ensuring the health and well-being of both individuals and local businesses.

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Robert Van Tholen

Dot Physical Examinations Saint Charles, IL

DOT Physical Exams and Comprehensive Occupational Health Services

Ensuring Driver Fitness for Duty

Body Wellness Chiropractic is your trusted partner for Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exams. Our certified physicians perform thorough examinations in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). We understand the importance of ensuring the fitness of drivers to operate commercial motor vehicles safely.

Efficiency and Convenience

We prioritize your time and efficiency. With guaranteed in-and-out times of 30-45 minutes or less, your employees can return to work promptly, avoiding unnecessary waiting times.

Competitive Prices for All

Whether you’re an individual driver or representing a large company, Body Wellness Chiropractic offers the most competitive prices in the area. Our services are tailored to accommodate the needs of both individual drivers and corporate clients.

Ongoing Training and Compliance

As members of TeamCME, Dr. Van Tholen and our staff undergo regular training to stay abreast of changes occurring with the FMCSA and the evolving landscape of Occupational Health. This commitment ensures that our services are always aligned with the latest industry standards.

DOT Physical Exam

Our comprehensive DOT/CDL physical examinations determine a driver’s physical qualification to operate a commercial motor vehicle. Dr. Van Tholen, certified since 2007, brings expertise to ensure compliance with FMCSA standards.

DOT and Pre-Employment Drug Testing

24-Hour Results: Quick and reliable drug testing services.
Random Drug Testing: Implementing random drug testing for ongoing safety.
MRO Services: Our Medical Review Officer ensures accuracy and compliance.
NIDA 5 Panel Screens: Same-day results for efficient and effective screening.

Pre-Employment and Post-Offer Exams

Fast and thorough physical examinations provide protection for both employees and employers. These exams help identify potential issues, protecting employees from avoidable injuries and safeguarding your company’s bottom line from preventable injuries and workers’ compensation claims.

Why Clients Love Us

Highly recommend coming to Body Wellness Chiropractic for DOT Physicals! Pricing is fair as well!

First time I got my physical done here was back in 2021, and just got my updated one today, 2023. Dr. Robert was prompt, professional, thorough, kind, and even answer a question I had non related to my physical, but related to the way my posture was. He even show me a visual to explain more in depth about my question without hesitation. Goes to show the amount of care Dr. Robert has for his patients.

I will definitely return for all of my future DOT Physicals and other chiropractic needs.

Marcelo M.

This guy knows what he is doing! I've been seeing chiropractors for 20+ years and none of them were able to do what he has done for me.

Dean R.

Dr. Van Tholen is a wonderful chiropractor. He has worked with me and my husband for almost 6 years. I had been to several local chiropractors prior to Body Wellness and the service and treatment plans far exceeded my expectations. He has helped me with low back pain after a difficult pregnancy and two injuries while marathon training. The office staff is kind and personable and treatment plans are individualized to fit your needs and injury.

Michelle P.

Dr. Van Tholen is a true professional and excellent at what he does. You can trust what he recommends and most importantly he gets results. A good chiropractor can help the way you feel daily and it really can change your life. The location and hours also make it extremely convenient to pop in for a quick adjustment. Highly recommended for all.

Tyler P.

Dr. Robert Van Tholen saved my life. My neck and lower back were so tight and sore I could barely walk. My first visit was a learning experience. After Dr. Robert gave me a neck and back adjustment I felt great! He explained that the muscles might try to push my spine back to the way it was before my first appointment from muscle memory. He was correct. After just three visits and some stretching exercises he taught me I was back on track. Dr. Robert has me walking completely upright and pain free once again. I am Grateful!

Scott S.

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  • Activator Adjustments
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  • Lifestyle Advice & Education
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At Body Wellness Chiropractic, we accept most major forms of payment including cash, major credit cards, and checks. If you want to know whether or not we take a specific payment form, please contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to go over it with you!

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